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You can find in our company the solutions you are looking for to your business. All the services are tailored according to your needs. 

We provide specialized services for a specific project or through retainer ship program.

Management Consulting

Do you agree that every business has room for improvement? Do you know that a management consultant will fill in any management skill gap that your business may have? Would you like to analyze a business idea or opportunity? We can bring our experience to your business collecting data, analyzing data, bringing recommendations and do implementation. We can also do feasibility studies, creation or development of processes and procedures, applications for investment programs and restructuring of businesses.

Business Administration

Focus on your core business and let us do the administrative work. Our services can comprise everything you need: day-to-day administrative work, management of team-work, accounting, finance, project management, sales and marketing. 

International Business Center of Madeira

Did you know that Madeira is an island part of Portugal and fully integrated in EU? Companies in Madeira can benefit from a reduced corporate tax regime if the company is licensed on the International Business Center of Madeira (IBC).  We are pleased to assist you to setup you business on the  IBC and get all the licenses to run your business.

Golden Visa Portugal

Are you a non-EU citizens? Would you like to invest in Portugal? Golden visa is a fast track visa for investors, taking less time to be issued than a regular visa. This kind of visa also allows the investor to freely travel within the Schengen area while the visa is in force. After 5 years, you can apply for Portuguese citizenship if you wish.

Company Diagnostics

Something is not going as expected? Are you wondering what is wrong? We can help you to understand your company health situation and assist you to strength the weak areas.

Financial Consulting

Would you like to take more assertive decisions regarding your business's finances? We can assist you doing a proper financial planning, financial control, cash flow, prices and investments.

Setup your Business

Do you have your Business Plan ready? Are you ready to start? We can assisting you in everything you need to register a company either in Portugal or in Nigeria,  registration of trademarks, opening bank accounts, etc.
  • Hinelder Ferreira - CEO
    "More than a partner, BConnections is a stakeholder for us. We have been working together for years and have their full support.  Working with BConnections gives us peace of mind, trust and excellency."
  • Femi Areogun - Managing Director
    "When you partner with BConnections you are investing in more than just a business relationship; you are investing in a business community based on trust and respect. Our long-standing relationship with them indicates that we have never encountered any problems with their service and they have always responded promptly to our requests. In part due to our partnership, we have been able to function more efficiently as an organization"
  • Karina Ferreira - Manager
    "Professionalism is what defines better BConnections. Their know-how and tailor made service allow us to focus on our core activities"
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